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Stories Behind the Song - Faith of a Child

I thought it would be fun to start a series with stories about how Len and I create our original songs. We always write songs as a team. I write all the lyrics and Len writes all the music, which brings the song to life. Once Len and I have the main backbone of the song completed, we give the music to our talented band members. They jump right in and add their own unique and creative sounds to the song. It’s at this point that a Back 2 Eden song is born!

Faith of a Child came out of a memory I had about how my faith as a child was so simple and pure because it hadn’t yet been tainted by life experiences. Sometimes I still long for that childlike faith. Verse 2 talks about how we can turn away from faith and try to find our own way, which many times doesn't turn out so well. At least it didn't for me.

The chorus is about a faith that is different than a child because it has experienced life and, ideally, come out stronger. The "little bit wild" part means that faith is now bold and fearless.

Verse 3 brings it all around showing how I realized that my simple faith in God as a child was truer than I ever realized, but that now it includes a better understanding of God’s love.

Len came up with the beautiful guitar melody that I love. He says that when I first read the lyrics to him, he hears a poetic, musical rhythm in his head. I do not hear any music at all! That rhythm is either upbeat and fast or slow and melodic depending on the feeling of the words. He says he knew that Faith of Child was going to be slow and melodic with a little Irish/highland feel to it. He wanted it to also have a lullaby quality since the song is about the faith of a child. After playing around with picking patterns and chord combinations, he created the music to fit the poetic cadence of the lyrics. I added the snare because I thought it fit the movement of the song. Plus, a straight beat didn’t fit well in the verses. The rest of the band, Tim on keyboard, Neil on lead guitar, and Troy on bass added depth and helped build the dynamics especially in the chorus. Len and I love that this song has a hint of an Irish feel to it. An Irish flute in this song would be awesome! If you know anyone who plays one, send them our way.

Fun fact: This is the only song we have written so far that is in 6/8.

Check out our music page on our website - Scroll down the list and find Faith of Child.

I put the lyrics in the first post. You can read the lyrics as you listen and even sing along!

Faith of a Child by Back 2 Eden (Lyrics)

I remember when, I had the faith of a child

Simple, pure, peaceful and mild

I remember when, I believed those old stories

Of prophets and kings in all their glory

I knew for a fact that God up above

Held nothing back and was full of love.

Verse 2

I got older one day. Put those old stories away

I lost my way time after time

Held on to dreams that were never mine.

I fought battles I could never win.

Chorus (2X)

Faith reconciled. Forged by the fire.

I wanna go back to the faith of a child.

Now just a little bit...Just a little bit wild.

Verse 3

When life is hard I remember that child

Whose faith was simple, pure and I smile.

Now I believe all those old stories

And worship the King in all of His glory.

I know for a fact that God up above

Holds nothing back and is full of love.

Chorus (2X)

Faith reconciled. Forged by the fire.

I wanna go back to the faith of a child.

Now just a little bit...Just a little bit wild.

Yes, I wanna go back to the faith of a child.

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