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Meet the Band!

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Back 2 Eden is a six-person band whose original music is a harmonious blend of classic rock and Americana. Their sound carries the earthy, storytelling traditions of faith-inspired music and the raw, heartfelt energy of rock, interwoven with the rich tapestry of American roots. It's a sonic journey that takes you through rolling fields and dusty highways, weaving together the essence of the American spirit. 

Not only does Back 2 Eden play great originals, but they also incorporate classic rock tunes from the '60s, though today into their shows! They will take you on an energetic and fun musical journey that will keep you coming back for more. When Back 2 Eden plays everyone has a great time! 

What are people saying after a Back 2 Eden show?

"We had a great time! We really enjoyed your music! See you again soon!" Beth F.

"Thanks, we had a blast listening to you guys!!" Johnny M.

"Your original music was amazing and should be on the radio!" Mike O.

"You are all talented songwriters and musicians. I'm really enjoying your music." JS Simon

Patti and Len Brown started Back 2 Eden in 2020 during the pandemic. Everything was shut down and there was nothing to do, so they decided to start writing songs and playing music. ​ In 2021 Back 2 Eden added three more musicians, all of whom are very talented and give the band an amazing full sound. Each member adds their own parts to Back 2 Eden original songs and helps bring the covers to life.  In 2023 they added their sixth member of the band, singer and song writer Rachel Ralston. 

Currently, Back 2 Eden plays at wineries, breweries, festivals, amphitheaters, restaurant, special events, and privet parties.. Len and Patti also play at open mic nights and smaller venues.  If you want to find out more click Contact at the top of the page. We'd love to hear from you.


Meet the band:


Len Brown - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Male Vocals and Songwriter


Len learned to play guitar in high school. He's the "man behind the music" in Back 2 Eden. The majority of our originals are musically crafted by Len. He has a gift for coming up with unique melodies for our songs. Once he is finished the rest of the band crafts their parts. By day, Len is  a three-time regional Emmy Award winning film maker. 

Patti Brown - Drums and Songwriter


Patti started to play drums when she was 8-years old. She's the "woman behind the lyrics" in Back 2 Eden. Almost all the lyrics for our originals are written by Patti. She also enjoys coming up with the drum parts. Patti not only writes songs, she also wrote a book called "Divine Possibilities."

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Rachel Ralston - Lead Female Vocals


Rachel is the youngest member of the band and brings a lot of energy with her powerful vocals. Besides being a great singer, she is also a talented musician and plays piano and guitar. She is also a talented actor and has participated in a number of pageants throughout the state.

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Jerry Mullins - Lead Guitar


Jerry is a self-taught guitarist that has been playing guitar since he was a teenager. He has played in multiple church worship bands over the years and has been a commercial voice talent and audio producer since 1989.


Tim Kidder - Keyboard and harmony vocals


Tim started playing the piano at an early age so he was destined to be in a band one day. He fills out the Back 2 Eden songs with his keyboard playing and backup vocals. 

John Miller - Bass


John has played bass on and off since high school. He adds all the cool bass rhythm parts to the Back 2 Eden originals. John also plays bass in the Church of the Lakes praise band. In his retirement, he enjoys being a husband, traveling, throwing clay on a wheel as a ceramic artist, and playing with his grand kids.

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John Davis - (Substitute Bass)


John has been playing the bass for 50+ years and has played with different bands professionally in the 70s and early 80s. He has travelled around the eastern U.S. as a professional, playing clubs with different bands, and even did some recording with the band Brimstone. "I have loved music and performing most of my life. It's always special to hook up with musicians you respect and care about. They become family."

Cher  Twineham - Sound Engineer


Cher is the lady behind the scenes who helps us set up, does our sound checks, and mixes our sound. She makes sure we sound great at all our shows! Cher is currently working on degrees in Music Production, Digital Video Media Technologies, and Computer Graphic Arts Technology.

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