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60s, through today, and originals!

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Back 2 Eden's music is a harmonious blend of Classic Rock & Americana. Their sound carries the earthy, storytelling traditions of faith inspired music and the raw, heartfelt energy of rock, interwoven with the rich tapestry of America's roots. It's a sonic journey that takes you through rolling fields and dusty highways, weaving together the essence of the American spirit. If you like the music styles of "Fleetwood Mac" and the "Eagles" you will love the style of music Back 2 Eden plays!

What are people saying after a Back 2 Eden show?

"We had a great time! We really enjoyed your music! See you again soon!" Beth F.

"Thanks, we had a blast listening to you guys!!" Johnny M.

"Your original music was amazing and should be on the radio!" Mike O.

Next show you can see us at!

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