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Stage Plot for Back 2 Eden

The above stage plot shows what our typical setup looks like. The minimum space we will need is 20' x 15' to play comfortably. We also have a 20' x 12' tent we can set up for outdoor events for the band to play under if needed.

The band has 6 members on stage and one sound technician. 

The band also requires four 120 volt plugs. It would also be nice if at lease one of the plugs was 30 amps for the power we pull while playing. 

The band will require 2-3 hours before the show to unload, setup, and sound check and at least 1-hour to pack up and leave.

We have both 2-hour and 3-hour sets. The three hour set includes a 15 minute break at the halfway point in the show. 

Our Equipment:

1 - Electronic Drum Set

1 - Acoustic Guitar & Pedal Board

1 - Electric Guitar and Pedal Board

1 - Electric Bass Guitar

1 - Keyboard

1 Subwoofer at center stage

Two speakers towers stage left and stage right

5 - stage monitors and one set of in-ear monitors

4 - microphones

1 - Behringer X-18 mixer with iPad to mix sound

1 - Amplifier  unit to drive large speakers (For outdoor concerts only)

1 - Back 2 Eden banner

If needed we have two spot lights for performers and 8 Science Tube color changing lights we place in the background of the stage.

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